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Enabling creativity

We design and build world leading middleware for adaptive music and sound in games. Our tools are used by award winning game developers all over the world.

With a focus on innovative features, spotless UX and immaculate code we aim to revolutionize the way audio teams and composers create.

Keep growing

Doing inspired work is easier if you're inspired (duh).

We regularly get together for workshops, gaming sessions, listening sessions and good ol' discussions about interesting things. 

Besides our internal learnings we also frequent conferences and other gaming related events. If you have a special interest, we're happy to help you grow in any way you'd like.

Stay sane

Finding a balance that works for you is important. We have a few team meetings each week that you'll need to attend, other than that you are pretty much free to plan your own time and work from where ever you like.

We also encourage all kinds of movement and meditation. Enjoy a wellness grant, weekly wellness hour and optional workplace workouts.

A sprinkling of socializing

Team breakfasts, office after works, FIFA Championships and family BBQs are some of our reoccurring social gatherings. We also try to do a few yearly events where go somewhere nice and combine work and play for a day or two.

All kinds of spontaneous board game nights, movie nights, jam sessions and similar are of course also much appreciated!


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